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Stroke Education

Stroke education encompasses many different areas and The Rocky Mountain Stroke Center is committed to meeting those needs by:


  • Sharing information with the community on prevention of stroke and stroke risks


  • Teaching the community to recognize the signs of stroke (F.A.S.T)


  • Teaching people how to respond when someone is having a stroke


  • Sharing information and resources about life after stroke and the "new normal"


​When we are able to educate friends, family and caregivers, not only will we increase the knowledge base of this community, but we may help prevent a stroke for you or your loved one.

This section of our website has a wealth of helpful information about risk factors, common stroke myths and what to do when faced with a stroke. Stroke isn't just a problem for your grandparents or the seniors in your community. Strokes in young people (under age 55) are on the rise in a dramatic fashion. Read through this information and arm yourself with knowledge about strokes!

Community Education Opportunities

We offer stroke education presentations that can be tailored for your specific group.

If you are interested in having us speak at your next meeting or 
if you would like us to create an in-service or training for professionals of your organization,

 please call the office at 303-730-8800.

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